Benefits of Hiring Design Build Companies and Basics of Home Building

Opting for a new home usually indicates being ready for a fresh start in life. Whether you’re building or renovating, careful planning is required to see a well-constructed living space. Besides the design, there are a lot of factors of home building to ponder on, like the budget, hiring a team, and securing permits.


The Design-Build Structure

Back then, you have to hire a team of professionals—the architect, designer, and builder with their staff to work on your desired house. Design-build, a new project delivery model, aims to integrate the role of a designer with the work of the constructor through a more streamlined flow from the planning stage to the end-result. Opting for design build companies will then remove the hassle of having to deal with different entities and their separate tasks for the project.

According to the Design-Build Institute of America, this business model has greatly improved and helped various clients in the United States for over 15 years. It is now considered as one of the most pivotal innovations in the industry across the country and the world.

The Planning Stage

Before even looking for a design-build firm, it’s important to have specific goals set first during your planning. An article from the Houzz suggests to divide these aspirations into two types, the realistic or technical side and the emotional or abstract side. The location, possible costs and feasibility are significant details that you should initially straighten out.

As with other major projects, exploring all possibilities rather than immediately settling for an easy decision is also helpful to prevent having regrets in the end. You also have to work out contingency plans besides your primary strategy or a plan B in case of unfortunate incidents like accidents, poor lighting, inefficient HVAC system and inadequate floor space. Furthermore, make sure to stick to the details of the plan, including materials and parts you’ve decided to use, otherwise, deviation may cause confusion once construction starts.

The Budget Stage

Developing the budget stage is usually the most difficult task since there will always be added expenses along the way. Having a budget is still effective for this will serve as guide on how much you can actually spend versus how much you may have to add to the project’s total cost.  Important elements to include are the cost of the land or house, prices of materials, finishes and other house items, taxes and other local fees and, of course, the rate of the company you hired. You should also have some idea as to how much it will cost to heat and cool your home. This is something most people never consider. A home can be modeled for energy usage before anything is built. Money spent on proper insulation and air sealing will have an immediate impact on heating/cooling, comfort, indoor air quality, and safety.

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