Considering a Bathroom Remodeling? Here Are Things to Keep in Mind


Whether you’re single or hitched, the bathroom is often your place of solace after a long day at work or after hours of doing chores and tending to your family. It is important that your bathroom is creatively designed the way you want it, and should be free from any clutter that could make it […]

Home Builders and Renovations: Emphasizing Better Mobility at Home

Home Builders

According to a recent study by Harvard University’s Joint Center of Housing Studies, homeowners preferred to “age in place,” or preferred to stay all their lives in a house they are intimately familiar with. This mentality was common among homeowners who were still in good physical condition to work, had no pending financial obligations, and […]

Home Builders Help You Maximize the Energy-Efficiency of Your New Home

Home Builder

Energy efficiency is becoming the name of the game when building a new house. Part of that effort involves extensive planning with your preferred home builders regarding the general orientation of your new house. The emphasis on having an energy-efficient house takes precedence, given the climate in Duluth. The St. Louis County city’s proximity to […]

Home Construction Tips: Keeping Your Budget from Getting Out of Hand


So, you’re considering building your brand new house here in Duluth, MN, but you have no idea where to start? Taking a one-stop-shop approach can spare you from all the hassles of handling everything piece by piece. In a nutshell, you only have to deal with one construction firm which will be responsible for all […]

Differing Lakeside Advanced Builders from Other Design Build Companies

Here at Lakeside Advanced Builders, we are dedicated to building dream homes for people using a complete and easy process. While we recognize that a custom home will be worth every effort, we also know that cutting off complexities will make the whole experience more satisfying. With this in mind, we have worked throughout the […]