Contractors in Duluth, MN: Building Your House to Passive Standards

As a prospective homeowner, the notion that you can save aggressively (almost 80% off) on energy consumption by means of a one-time remodeling project could be very appealing. If you are looking to build an energy-efficient house in Duluth, MN, then you may want to tell your contractor to build you a Passive Home.


A Passive House drastically reduces total operational energy use by utilizing passive methods and mechanisms to effect a more sealed building. Most houses leak air through cracks in the structure. When the summer heat diffuses in, you turn the dial on your air cooling system to make the room colder, expending more energy. In the winter, the reverse is the case, and you could easily accumulate more utility bills by keeping the heater on for longer periods.

Making your home more airtight and insulated goes a long way in ensuring that these air leaks are reduced to their barest minimum, thereby saving you on those high energy bills. The Passive House standard begins at the design stages of the building project. At this stage, designers can easily incorporate energy modeling tools into the desired structure and outlook of the house.

A vital aspect of this standard is the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), developed by Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passive House Institute in Germany. It is an energy-modeling tool which allows designers and general contractors to influence design elements, tweaking building components to see how each different option can impact energy performance; for instance, seeing how a change in the insulation type or amount or location may affect the efficiency of the home.

For a house to be built to passive home standards, there must be an intelligent mix of its principles employed in the building process and design finishes. These principles are thermal insulation, ventilation heat recovery systems, optimal window placements, thermal free bridges, and capped with a quality construction that is as airtight as possible.

If you are looking to take advantage of this revolutionary trend in Duluth, MN, go for home builders with adequate experience in the rigors of passive home building, like Lakeside Advanced Builders. Passive homes are the next step in the evolution of energy-efficient housing and investing in one will definitely benefit you now and in the coming years.

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