Choosing a Design-Build Firm

Looking to save money on your energy efficient remodel or home construction? What about time and hassle? If so, you may want to consider a design/build firm for your project. Having a unified team on your side to handle all aspects of the project can give you peace of mind knowing that everything will likely be completed on time and within budget. You can also avoid the typical pitfalls of a project managed by two separate companies for the design and construction.

Role of Owner

DesignBuild-Roles-Owner-and-Firm-img1The owner’s role in a design/build project is one of collaboration. First, the homeowner chooses the right design/build company for the desired project based on criteria such as materials and budget. The owner has a detailed idea of what he wants when selecting such a firm, deciding on a team that will help flesh out the approach and bring the project requirements to fruition. The owner can also provide feedback to the team during the design phase regarding overall design, timeline and cost estimates. Moving on to the construction phase, the owner can choose the materials he wants, with assistance from the architect of course, and then becomes a part of the project every step of the way to ensure forward progress. This is to make sure the design/build firm has a detailed understanding of what the owner wants and that everything goes according to that initial plan.

Role of Lakeside Advanced Builders

Throughout the entire design/build process, Lakeside Advanced Builders can quickly and efficiently research and document projected design costs, the structure itself and materials that will be needed — all based on the owner’s input. This guarantees a streamlined progression from start to finish, avoiding the need for overkill in terms of design plans that don’t gel with the homeowner’s wishes and stated budget. This is one of those pitfalls that can happen with separate design and construction companies when the contractor is not known at the time of design. When working as a cohesive unit within a design/build firm, both design and construction professionals work in tandem with one another, providing a seamless transition from one phase to the next. As part of the design phase, Lakeside offers projected costs, but goes one step further to ensure those costs are adhered to within the timeline. The company achieves this through constant monitoring and re-evaluation throughout the entire project to keep it on track. Because all work must follow the schedule, it’s necessary to review plans for issues regarding construction to ensure everything will indeed match the budget as it was initially drafted. Communication is a big part of the partnership between the homeowner and design/build firm. As such, any decisions made are communicated in full to the client to ensure all elements will continue to be met. Lakeside also doesn’t hesitate to provide guided advice to the homeowner throughout construction so that the objectives set forth at the beginning can be met as well.

Having an experienced design/build firm in your corner that keeps everything in-house and that is dedicated to ensuring complete energy efficiency in regards to your home remodel project is essential.