Differing Lakeside Advanced Builders from Other Design Build Companies

Here at Lakeside Advanced Builders, we are dedicated to building dream homes for people using a complete and easy process. While we recognize that a custom home will be worth every effort, we also know that cutting off complexities will make the whole experience more satisfying. With this in mind, we have worked throughout the years to expand our company from a builder to a design-build firm with a full range of architectural design services.

When having a home built, people will have to deal with its design and the actual building. If an individual has to work with two different contractors, coordination gets more complicated and time-intensive. So, we decided to transition into a company that provides a full design and build service to help make the process easier.

We know that our company is not the only one to recognize this. So, how are we different from the other design build companies that serve the Duluth, MN, and Superior, WI areas? We are a Certified Passive Home Builder, which is a super insulated home that uses about 10% of the energy for heating compared to a code built home. We take things to the next level. We have designed our process to maximize results and minimize time and money used for any project.

The process starts with the gathering of all crucial information. This includes heating and cooling costs, indoor air quality, comfort, safety and longevity of the home. It includes the site and positioning of the home on the site. We are a Certified Passive Home Builder, which means we can build you a home that does not need a furnace, and is as comfortable as you can get. Then, several floor plans are developed with different characteristics so the client can mix and match. Next, the scope of work is detailed to present all that needs to be done to complete the project. Pricing is also displayed for each category together with a customized list of add/remove options. Then, we come up with a schedule showing when the project can start, when it is due for completion, and everything in between. This process has been proven to save both time and money for our clients.

To further increase efficiency, we complement the process with different offerings. First, we have the in-home design consultation. Not everyone is an architect but our clients know what they want with the home. The consultation provides them insight from an expert on how they can achieve their goals in terms of the home’s design.

Then, we also provide 3D renderings and visual tours. The idea is to give clients a way to visualize their project before we start building. Such goes a long way towards limiting mid-project changes and, consequently, delays. To view our full range of services of our design and construction company, continue browsing our site, particularly under the services section. We have credentials and training no other company has in the area.