Saving energy isn’t just good for your wallet each year, it’s also a great way to save the environment. By using less energy, you’re spending less of your hard-earned cash on precious heat and cold air that could be lost through anything from leaks in doors and windows to old inefficient appliances. It can be overwhelming knowing where to start in your home.

Free Audits

That’s why we offer FREE in-home energy evaluations. One of our professionals will visit your home at a time convenient for you and provide a free energy audit and make recommendations to help you save money on energy costs. To further assist you, we sell products geared toward achieving this and will be happy to set you up with them if needed. Bottom line is, you get a free no-obligation energy audit at no cost to you, covering anything from air sealing to blower door tests.

Air Sealing

One of the major things we do is look at air sealing. It’s a simple fact that making your home more air tight will make it less expensive to heat in the winter and cool off in the summer. We will locate the air leaks in your home, and then suggest ways to correct them. To achieve this, we often use a blower door test to measure air leakage via a large fan-like device that depressurizes your home. There will likely be many gaps detected, and this is normal. Using equipment such as infrared cameras, our technicians can actually see where these leaks are occurring and suggest action.

Thorough Inspections

Our certified professionals are well trained in all aspects of energy system inspections. As a result, we take our time and conduct thorough evaluations to give you the utmost confidence in our performance. We’ll walk you through the process as it’s happening so you can see exactly where there are areas for improvement. We’ll talk about how your home loses energy and what can be done to remedy the situation, creating a prioritized list of cost effective solutions that are best for your family.

Be Prepared

Before our visit, be sure to gather utility bills from the last year, and make a list of your concerns if any. Your auditor will likely ask you some preliminary questions such as how old the house is, how many people reside there, who’s home during the day, what you typically set your thermostat at through all seasons, and which rooms you use/don’t use on a regular basis. These questions and corresponding answers will help us analyze your energy usage as it compares against any findings we uncover. Once we know the basics, we can better assess the information and results through equipment such as surface thermometers and furnace efficiency meters. We keep you in the loop by informing you of suggestions to lower your family’s energy use, how you can increase your comfort throughout the year just by incorporating a few simple strategies, and how much cash you can save annually by implementing energy-saving measures.

Give us a call today or enter your information below. By giving us your name, email address, phone number and home address, we can get in touch with you quickly about performing an energy audit that will benefit you for years to come. This will be the smartest thing you’ve ever done as a homeowner. Start saving money today!