Home Builders and Renovations: Emphasizing Better Mobility at Home

According to a recent study by Harvard University’s Joint Center of Housing Studies, homeowners preferred to “age in place,” or preferred to stay all their lives in a house they are intimately familiar with. This mentality was common among homeowners who were still in good physical condition to work, had no pending financial obligations, and whose children have long moved out.

Home Builders

Middle-aged homeowners often think about making further refinements to their humble abode, but they might not have clear ideas as to how they should approach the project. This is especially true for those who are beginning to experience mobility issues. This may spell the need for professional home builders and remodelers such as Lakeside Advanced Builders to take care of the project and tick off the boxes in the most efficient and energy efficient manner.

When remodeling your home for better movement, two rooms often top the “To-Do” list: the bathroom and kitchen. Here are a few considerations you may want to keep in mind when discussing renovations with your remodeling team:


The bathroom can have various mobility and hygiene challenges for young and old residents alike. You may want to consider having a non-slip coating applied to your floors. A number of homeowners also have grab bars installed. Common places where grab bars are installed include near the toilet and bathtub.


Adequate discussions with your preferred contractor may touch on further plans to have a kitchen remodel done. A Green Building Advisor article notes that as the kitchen will see much activity, the remodel should emphasize space, mobility, and efficient use of utilities. Spatial development, for instance, focuses on crafting enough room for any wheelchair-bound residents to move with less difficulty. Another example would be to distance the refrigerator from any heat-generating appliances, to allow ample space to radiate ambient heat. Plumbing should be reengineered for faster access to hot water on-demand.

Any opportunity to have some remodeling done to your house will be worth the investment if it helps improve your quality of life both now and in the long run. Why not seize the day with a skilled Duluth, MN home contractor backing you up?

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