Home Builders in Duluth: Bathroom Details, Facts, and Tips to Consider

Planning for a bathroom remodel or construction normally conceives the greatest ideas that would improve overall home value. Unfortunately, small yet vital bathroom elements like fixtures and back splashes are often overlooked in the process.

While it’s easier to look at the bigger picture, take note that the little details actually compose your bathroom structure. The overall appearance and functionality of your bathroom will depend on how you and your hired home builders in Duluth, MN have dealt with them. Air sealing and insulation have a place in any remodel.


Little Bathroom Details to Observe

Moisture level is one of the common concerns in bathroom spaces. Handling moisture on surfaces and in the air is very important. Shower corners or soap alcoves are great space-savers, but they tend to become too cold without proper insulation. Before tiling these niches, insulate properly underneath the backer board.

If you want a stand-alone shower, you have to place bath mats outside the stall to prevent puddles. Take note that bath mats are generally not designed to function at corners and you’ll most likely be having a bare floor area on one side and another with a bath mat.

The Curbless Shower

Meanwhile, flooring is an issue with curbless showers, a rising design trend. Since there is no border at the brink of the shower area, the floor has to be high or thick enough for the water to be drained and this added thickness will pose problems in transitions between thresholds.

Curbless showers are suitable for all ages and even for individuals with walkers and wheelchairs. The size of the bathroom should also have at least 5 feet of breathing room, large enough for a wheelchair to make a 180-degree turn.

Balance of Function and Design

Keep in mind that subway wall tiles are not for contemporary-themed bathrooms. Also known as a “wet bed,” these tiles are installed the old-fashioned way, on top of a concrete slab of the floor system. Due to the fact that replacing a wet bed is a costly and difficult endeavor, it would be better to simply maintain it for a vintage flair—if your current bathroom already has it.

For a functional design, individual fixtures and other components should not impede the operations of the systems in your home, whether it be electrical or plumbing as you form the layout. Amid various materials and elements in bathroom remodeling or building, there are certain important and timeless features that you might want to invest in.

Besides the plan and materials, choose only a reputable contractor like Lakeside Advanced Builders, which has a reputation for building the most energy efficient homes, for your bathroom remodel or construction project in Duluth, MN.

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