Bathroom Design

If you’re tired of your avocado bathroom sink and 1970s wallpaper, it may be time for a change. Let us help you design and build a master bathroom that you will be proud to use and show off. Working with a design/build contractor for all phases of your bathroom remodel is a smart choice. Our team of experienced home builders can explain our three-phase process that ensures you end up with the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. In three simple steps, you can keep all phases in-house with minimal disruptions and miscommunication.

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Step I—Discovery

The first should always begin with a visit from our team. You can take a look at the materials we have and listen to our suggestions, while we take yours into consideration. We will then document all existing conditions, then move on to creation of conceptual floor plan drawings. After that is completed, we will sit down with you and come up with a workable budget for the project. Meeting with your designer is crucial to assess the current space you have to work with, what you want to do with the redesigned space, and what ideas and concepts you want to incorporate into the space. We will suggest the highest quality of materials for your plans yet at the most reasonable cost.

Step II—Design

We use those conceptual drawings from the previous phase to create an in-depth 3D rendering, working in collaboration with you to come up with costs for materials that gel with your budget. The result is a comprehensive cost estimate for your bathroom project that you can afford. This phase is an exciting one, as it allows you to get a look at your project on the screen for the first time and really visualize what it will entail. The software we use is state of the art and will allow you to take a virtual tour of your new bathroom before it’s even done. This allows us to maximize the use of the space, figure out where the fixtures will go and which lighting angles are best without even swinging a hammer.
Step III—Construction Agreement

The last phase involves a detailed construction agreement, which comprises a schedule and full drawings. This is also when you make your final material selections. Planning out the project management phase of your bathroom renovation is an important one, because it involves a give and take with your designer/builder. This is where all your dreams come to fruition. Using Lakeside Advanced Builders means you enjoy a smooth transition between design and construction, with one project manager handling everything and no middlemen in between. This is crucial in avoiding delays and miscommunications that can plague projects with separate designers and builders. Choose Lakeside Advanced Builders, specializing in energy efficient homes and bathroom remodeling projects.

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