A blower door test is a requirement for any of the energy efficiency programs as well as programs for new homes. You can have massive amounts of insulation in a home and it will still not perform unless it is also sealed up. The only way to test the air sealing is use a blower door and, ideally, an infrared camera. People are having foam insulation blown into cavities, thinking this will seal a building. The cavities are sealed, for now, but what about the tops and bottoms of the walls and all of the other places where a home can leak? We have been in so many homes less than 5 years old in which the homeowner gets real upset about what was done, or not done, with the air sealing. And improper airsealing is not just bad from a performance/cost  standpoint. Leaks in the shell of your building can affect indoor air quality, comfort, and can cause your home to have mold or rotting walls. The more insulation you put in a home, the more important it is to have it sealed. And the only way to check the sealing is to do a blower door test. Someone  who does blower door tests can also test for carbon monoxide leaks and other things, like duct leakage. These tests are also important , especially when improving an existing home.

Never buy a home, new or existing, without a blower door test. The test will reveal a lot on how the home was built and how it performs. This can be very valuable to the potential home owner. Someone trained to test homes will look at a home in a way that a home inspector has no knowledge of. The latest building codes for new homes will include a blower door test for every new home. There is also legislation coming at the national level, that will require every house sold to be tested and have a rating on it. When buying or improving a home, you have no idea what you have until it is tested. Call 715-816-4062.