Why the Blow-In-Blanket System?

Lakeside Advanced Builders was started to build energy efficient homes. One of the first steps is the building envelope. Insulation is the key and according to all of the studies we looked at fiberglass batts, or any batt system of insulation, is a poor option. Every insulation system that has come on the market since batts has one thing in common; they fill the cavity better than batts. Then in studying all insulation systems out there, we considered cost, ease of application, durability of product, R-value, what the raw material is made of, air quality and environmental impact. The Blow-In-Blanket System is the best choice for all of these reasons. Fiberglass used in BIBS is pure fiberglass which is made out of sand and recycled glass. It is easy to install, will outlast other insulation, when installed in the BIBS method fills the cavity, is much cheaper than foams like Icynene or polyurethane, is great for air quality and does not use petroleum or food products as a raw material. We have found it very cost effective when looking at R-value. Our typical wall being built on our homes has an R-value of 29 using BIBS in the wall for R 23 and then using 1” of rigid foam on the outside of the studs. This wall system costs less than a typical Icynene or polyurethane foam installation by about 20%. This to us is an unbeatable insulation package for a wall. The Blow-In-Blanket System has the best R-value to cost ratio of any insulation system now being used. Insulation is the cheapest heat and great for the environment.

Lakeside Advanced Builders is also a member of the Blow-In-Blanket Contractors Association (BIBCA). A BIBCA member has regular training requirements to be a member, ensuring that the installations are done correctly. This makes BIBCA members the best trained insulation installers in the insulation market. For the homeowner, having a BIBS installation done by a BIBCA member means they also have a lifetime of the building warranty on the insulation. This warranty is backed by Knauff, Johns Manville, and Certainteed who are the fiber manufacturers for BIBS. Tim Johnson of Lakeside Advanced Builders LLC is on the board of directors for the Blow-In-Blanket Contractors Association.

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