Build Smart

People wanting a new home built in these times have a somewhat daunting task ahead of them. There are so many choices to make, new products to consider, building practices are changing, and more uncertainty about who to hire to get the home done. The potential homeowner cannot know all there is to know about building a home and so must trust the builder to know how to do it. Home builders do not all have the same knowledge level. Lakeside Advanced Builders uses the latest building science and products to build a home that is very energy efficient, with very good indoor air quality, and this makes them very comfortable. In order to easily heat and cool a home, the first thing is to control the air inside the home. To control the air the home has to be built as air tight as possible. Then, because people need to breathe, mechanical ventilation is used to provide fresh air. Build tight and ventilate right is the word on how to build from all the building experts. Using this knowledge and the idea that a home is an integrated system, buildings can be built that are easily heated and cooled by whatever method you choose to heat or cool them with.

Lakeside Advanced Builders LLC has taken the build tight and ventilate right theme to heart. The home we built in 2008 was tested by Energy Star of Wisconsin and then received a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) number. The lower the number in the rating system, the less energy the home will need. 100 or less is the standard for new homes in America, 85 or less is needed for an Energy Star rating, and our last home was tested at HERS 64. This rating was achieved by being the tightest home tested by the Energy Star testers in Wisconsin and by the combination of R-29 insulation in the sidewalls, R-60 insulation in the attic, and triple-glazed, U-23 windows in the walls. By sealing the house and insulating correctly you can save greatly on your utility bills freeing up your money for what you really want to spend it on. If you put $1500 dollars more into insulation, you can save up enough to put in your $50,000 kitchen. The home we are currently finishing up now will be about a HERS 38. This home has R-30.5 walls, R-60 in the attic, the same windows from Andco Windows as in the past and is tighter than the ’08 home. It has R-20 insulation under the heated slab and is heated by a two-stage geothermal heating system from Florida Heat Pump. Annual heating costs are estimated to be $195 annually. The ventilation system is by Venmar and is state of the art.

Example: Home 9480

Home 30′ by 60′ with 9′ exterior walls, slab on grade with in-slab hydronic heat. 16200 cubic ft. R-29 walls. R-60 attic. Triple-glazed U-value 23 windows. Off-peak electro-thermal storage heat. The home leaked 150 cubic feet per minute at 50 Pascals pressure. Testing was done by Energy Star tester Twin Ports Energy. The estimated annual energy costs for a family of 4 are as follows: Heating- $435 Hot Water- $216 Lights/ Appliances- $333. These estimated costs reflect a recent rate hike.

Example: Home 9408

Home is a story and a half with 12×12 pitch roof with 2368 sq. ft. living space. Home was not tested. Walls are R-27. R-52 in attic. Home is slab on grade with hydronic in slab/ baseboard heat. Boiler is 87% efficient propane. Windows are triple-glazed U-value 23 and include a 6 foot sliding patio door. Propane used for heating season of 05/06 was 438 gallons. Propane used for 06/07 was 415 gallons. Air conditioning was supplied by a 5000 btu window unit.