Post Frame Buildings

Pole barn are preferred for several construction projects as they are quick to construct, affordable, strong, and energy efficient. Several clients use post frame buildings in Wisconsin and Minnesota for machinery storage, horse barns, work areas, warehousing, and more. At Lakeside Advanced Builders, we are committed to providing high quality construction in a timely manner. Why should you select post frame buildings?

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Rapid Construction of Pole Barns

One of the things we love about post frame buildings is how quickly they are to construct. These pole barns go up relatively quickly compared to other construction projects. We can put up the building in a matter of hours or days, and concrete flooring can be added after the building is in place. Our crew is one of the best in the industry at constructing pole barns in a timely manner.

Cost of Post Frame Buildings

We love the post frame buildings for their cost. If you need to get a building up in a hurry to house your equipment, the post frame building is the way to go. The labor costs are lower as they are quick and efficient buildings to construct. You can select steel siding and roofing if you are under budget restrictions. For additional cost you can change the exterior to vinyl siding, brick, block, or wood.

Design Options of Post Frame Buildings

One of the reasons pole frame buildings are popular is due to their design features. You can select standard a-frames, and you have the option to add onto the design later. Some clients add overhangs while others opt for porches and steeper roof pitches. The best part about post frame buildings is the amount of space you have. Interior supporting walls are not required, allowing you to have more space for storage and construction.

Durability of Post Frame Buildings

A post frame building is extremely durable due to the following:

  • Ground columns provide wind resistance and stability
  • Horizontal poles provide strength against wind and seismic conditions
  • The trusses are attached to the post frame, making the roof strong and stable

Energy Efficient Post Frame Buildings

Did you know a post frame building is energy efficient? A post frame building includes a stud wall that will accommodate thick insulation. Wood columns offer R-value and assist in managing energy costs. We can provide energy efficient vinyl siding solutions for the post frame building.

Advantages to Post Frame Buildings

We recommend post frame buildings for a number of reasons. The post frame building has an embedded post foundation, making it easier for winter construction and installation. The design flexibility of these buildings make them easy to customize for a variety of industries. Modern designs have helped to reduce construction costs through materials, energy efficiency, and labor. The site preparation is easy and adaptable and the entire project will be completed in a timely manner.  For more information about post frame buildings, call Lakeside Advanced Builders in Superior, WI, today!

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