Kitchen Remodeling Basics: Here’s Where You Should Splurge and Save

There’s good reason why kitchens are some of the most-remodeled spaces in virtually any home these days. Whatever comes, the kitchen is a reflection of a person’s lifestyle: those who have a genuine passion for cooking may choose to splurge on only top-end appliances; people who like hosting gatherings may opt for high-tech wine coolers, and busy individuals may invest in ingenious storage solutions.


Now, there’s you. Suppose you’re to call local home builders from or near Duluth, MN to have your kitchen overhauled, and you’re ready to get things started—or are you? Chances are, you might be looking to save on some things so you can splurge on others. What are the things worth splurging on, anyway?

Ask any expert, and they’ll mostly agree that you should splurge on stone countertops. According to TV host and remodeling expert John DeSilvia of DIY Network, the stone countertops should be a main focus since they’re the first things people see when they walk into a kitchen. Furthermore, you’ll be spending most of your time in the kitchen chopping and mincing things up on your countertops, so they better be durable and pleasing to the eyes, just like stone countertops.

Cabinets are valuable storage options, but they’re something that you should save on, though. Solid wood cabinets are surely beautiful but they can easily cost you thousands of dollars. If you still have your old cabinets, simply retrofit them instead of replacing them—you’ll prolong their service life and beautify them for less.

Since you’ve saved on your cabinets’ material, it’s time to update their hardware, and that’s the next thing you should splurge on. For instance, try having custom doors installed to give your kitchen a more personalized look at every angle. You can also consider things such as brass handles, as well as other fixtures made from metals such as polished nickel.

Unless you’re a serious baker, it’s best not to splurge on a high-end oven and instead spend more on the stove. Veteran kitchen designer Susan Serra claims that while ovens are indeed common appliances in kitchens, they’re not exactly among the most used—they’re in fact the least-used of all. Of course, your stove doesn’t need to be a top-of-the-line unit, even midrange models are more than enough.

Lastly, splurge on your sink and everything on it. For the sink per se, they’re typically hard to replace when they break down, so you’re better off investing in a mid to top-tier sink from the start. For the faucet, it’s one of the most frequently used fixtures in the kitchen, so why skimp on it? Remember all these tips before calling kitchen remodeling pros from Duluth, MN companies such as Lakeside Advanced Builders, and end up spending wisely for a remodeling project you’ll love.

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