Lakeside Advanced Builders is a company that believes very strongly in ongoing education. After all, it is through continuing education of our builders that we are able offer the latest in energy-efficient design and construction services. The following are our qualifications and the organizations we are a part of:

We are now a certified Passive House Builder. This is a 4-day class on how to build extremely energy efficient homes. The Passive House standards of energy performance make the toughest building code in the world. If you have never heard of a Passive House, check it out. Homes like this are what all the building codes in the future are aiming toward, but we can build them now. It does also make economic sense. A home built to Passive House standards makes so much sense in so many ways it takes a while to list them.

Building Performance Institute qualified as a Building Envelope professional. This means that we test homes for combustion safety, blower door and infrared testing and duct testing. In short, we can test to make sure that carbon monoxide is not being trapped in your home, we can blower door test your home to find out how much and where it is leaking, and we can test your heating ducts to make sure the heat is getting where it is supposed to go. Duct testing is much more important than we knew before.

Energy Star (now Focus On Energy New Homes) Builder and Ally. These programs involved classes in advanced airsealing, combustion safety, and building science. Have also taken classes in high performance windows and walls, whole house ventilation, indoor air quality, and various classes in insulating and airsealing homes.

Environments for Living Master Contractor. The certification for this was a 3 day building science course.

Blow In Blanket System installer, which was a 2 day class on installing the BIBS insulation.

Blow In Blanket Contractors Assoc. Having been on the board of directors for 5 years, we have participated in trainings on BIBS and at conventions and have been instructing at some of them. BIBCA conventions have had very good classes on insulating and airsealing. Have also manned a booth at trade shows around the country and attended different classes at many shows. Attending these shows we have made contacts with people from Europe and Canada and discussed how they do things in different countries. These have been unique opportunities to gain knowledge from others about how and why they do things.

Duluth Energy Design Expo. The classes at these trainings are what we have been using for our continuing ed. credits. Having taken classes all over the country, we can say that these here in Duluth are as good as anywhere in the country. There are building science and best practices sessions for all phases of building a home and for building zero energy homes.

The Better Buildings, Better Business (B-4) conference in Wisconsin Dells has similar classes to the Energy Design Expo. We have been a presenter as well as a participant at these sessions.

International Ground Source Heat Pump Assoc. We were interested in geothermal heat, took a class and now our builders are also certified installers.

Lakeside Advanced Builders also belongs to the Arrowhead Builders Assoc, Builders Assoc. of Minnesota, and the National Assoc. of Home Builders.

Midwest Renewable Energy Assoc. has also provided us with classes on renewable energy such as basic photovoltaics and hot water.

Through our connections with so many different organizations and building science experts, if someone asks a question and we do not know the answer, we can get it if there is one. There is still research being done on methods and products. Whenever there are new developments in our industry, you can be sure that our builders are the one of the first to learn about how these new developments can help you.

To learn more about our company or to schedule a consultation with a member of our team, please call us at +715 364 2805 or +715 816 4062. You may also send us a message by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. Lakeside Advanced Builders is happy to serve the entirety of Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin, including Duluth, MN and Superior, WI.