8159 E Old Hwy 13, South Range WI

1,800 square foot home with 2 1/2 car garage

3 bedroom & 1 3/4 bathroom

Built in 2011 on 10 acres

room sizes

This home is very energy efficient, quiet and comfortable. Featuring R-30.5 insulations in the walls, R-60 insulation in the attic, and R-20 insulation under slab. The windows in the home are Triple glazed R-4.  A majority of the windows are southern oriented to enhance solar gain. The home features a steel roof with 40 year warranty and LP Smart siding with 30 year warranty. The home has a ground source heat pump heating and cooling system by Florida Heat Pump/ Bosch.  The heat recovery ventilation is high quality Venmar system. The cabinets and trim are Hickory giving it that rustic country feel. This home was modeled and tested by E Solutions2.  The home was originally tested and approved to be heated for an annually cost of about $200. Even with recent utilities price increases, the home can still be heated for $300 annually. (This does depend on how people live and how many people are living in the home.) Actual costs for heating from 12/13 through 5/14 are $238.27, with heat set at 63 degrees and no one living in home.  The cooling system for the home is provided by the ground source heat pump. This home is made to capture heat put off from everything electric, hot water, body heat and solar gain. Combining the location with the insulation and windows make this a very quiet home.  The home consists of mostly laminated wood flooring with some tile and vinyl making the it a low maintenance floor. This home can be readily made into a zero energy home by adding renewable energy. The garage is 26 x 26 with R-10 insulation under the slab. The house and garage both have 9′ walls.  The home has a holding tank installed that is set up to accept a mound septic system. There is also plenty of space available for more out buildings in yard.