Living space is the term used to describe rooms or particular function areas in a home. It is “living space” and not just “space” because the areas described as such need to feel vibrant, accessible, and comfortable—or “alive”—for homeowners to be in. Your home could be filled with versatile spaces, but are they truly “living” to you? Are you truly contented with the way your home currently is?

Perhaps your home could use a little remodeling, and Lakeside Advanced Builders is here to help. We are a capable and experienced building contractor that will closely work with you to redesign parts of your home. With our professional help, we can put back the “living” in your tired and worn spaces. We serve clients in and around Duluth, MN and Superior, WI, so if you live around these parts and you need renovations, give Lakeside Advanced Builders a call.

Our remodeling services cover the following:


By default, kitchens need to be as lively and bright as possible; nobody wants to prepare their dishes in a dull environment. While kitchens need smart designs, they still need to preserve their functionality as preparatory spaces. If you want your kitchen to look more stylish, more functional, or both, our craftsmen and builders are ready to make your ideas come to life.


Already the most intimate areas of any home, bathrooms need to be as comfortable as possible, yet still have enough space for plumbing and other water fixtures. Bathrooms need to be practical with their use of space, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy spa-like accommodations or a proper powder room setup. No matter what you want in a bathroom, we can fix your current one to better suit your needs and preferences.

Energy Efficient Changes

Lakeside Advanced Builders is a certified Passive Home Builder, and that means we can help you make the switch to a more sustainable and energy efficient home. We can perform general remodeling projects that can greatly improve your home’s ability to maximize energy while minimizing its loss. We use the highest standards of building science to address your energy needs, creating living spaces that are good for you and the environment.

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Lakeside Advanced Builders is a building and remodeling contractor that serves the communities of Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin, particularly the areas of Duluth and Superior. Do you have questions for us? You can forward them through our contact us page, or by calling us at +715 364 2805 or +715 816 4062.