Tips, Ideas on Building Your Dream Home with Design-Build Contractors

What do you want in your dream home? How do you want your home to perform in terms of heating/cooling. Do you want a home with comfort, indoor air quality, safety and longevity in mind?  Will you want your home to be built with a remarkably big office or perhaps a cool game room? Will you remodel your bedroom to have an en-suite bathroom or a spacious walk-in closet? Would you like to refinish your deck and make it an alfresco dining area, or add a pool and a sunroom in your backyard?

House Building

Others even have unique or crazy ideas in building their dream house. They want a slide from their second floor hallway down to their living room. They want an underground wine cellar with a secret door behind the bar counter in the kitchen. They want a luxurious roof deck with a small lap pool and a Mediterranean vibe. They want a huge library with floor to ceiling shelves.

No matter what feature you want in your dream home, you have various options to customize a property you will build or to remodel a home you have purchased.

Options in Customizing Your Home

You could look for contractors for a custom home so your plans can be accommodated right from the start. If you don’t have a specific blueprint that you want to model your home after, you can look at the builder’s design and ask if you can tweak some parts of it if needed. For instance, if they have a layout for a 3-bedroom bungalow with a large open plan living space, and you need four bedrooms, you can ask them to turn part of the living space into a bedroom.

Alternatively, you can also plan a home remodel, where you can ask your contractor to build an addition, combine rooms by breaking down walls, refinish an area, or renovate one of the interior spaces. For example, a gazebo can be added in the backyard or your deck can be transformed into an outdoor kitchen.

The Advantages of a Design-Build Option

More and more homeowners are working with design-build contractors rather than going with the traditional design-bid-build format. In the former, you’ll only work with one firm with a team of professionals who will take care of the entire design and construction based on your budget. On the other hand, in the latter, you typically have three phases to go through and several contractors to deal with. Sometimes, during the bidding, these contractors might sacrifice quality to make their offered rates more affordable.

Experienced design-build contractors, like Lakeside Advanced Builders, which serves Duluth, has experts who will collaborate with you and take care of every step of the project. With the comprehensive services, it becomes more convenient for you to finalize the plans and create your dream home.

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